QUESTION : There is someone (praying behind an Imam) who often louds his recitation of the Qunūt prayer purposely because the Imam often lowers his. Is this permissible or not? Benefit us may Allah benefit you too.

ANSWER : All praise is due to Allah. Qunūt prayer is allowed in witr and when there are emerging troubles. It is among the prescribed traditions of (Prophet) ,and the Apostle of Allah often louded its recitation after rising from the prostration in the last Rak‘ah of every prayer. 
But if the Imam lowers his voice (when reciting it), he only stands to forfeit the best option and his follower does not need to oppose him with louding his own recitation for the Imam is only placed to be emulated. Allah knows best!

Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Luh 
Chairman, Verdicts and Guidance ‘Committe of the Union

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