DECLARATION N°25                                                     DATED: 24/7/1441 AH – 19/3/2020 CE


All praise is due to Allah Who created human and placed him above all other creatures. May the mercy and
blessing of Allah be upon the Prophet of guidance and mercy, Muhammad bn Abdullah, his household and
the entire companions.

To start with, it is no more a news that the world at large has been visited in recent time with fear and
panic as a result of the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic across the length and breadth of the
world with disparity in its infection. The African continent is not an exception of the infected countries,
though with infinitesimal victims. This terrible situation has provoked the adoption of precautionary
measures against its deadly spread by governments and organizations.
Arising from this, the Union of African Muslim Scholars presents the following guidelines to all concerned
governments and citizens:

1- Strengthening our faith and having absolute belief in the ability of Allah and weakness of human
beings. Endemic diseases and their causes are only a creation of Allah Who uses them for whatever
He wishes, in accordance with His wisdom and knowledge.
2- The governments are urged to liase with religious leaders in their respective cities towards
combating the threat of the disease.
3- Scholars, missionaries and Imams are urged, as part of their contribution, to orientate their
congregation with the tips of preventing the disease as recommended by specialists and evidenced
in the Shari’ah.
4- If the precautionary measures taken by the constituted authorities require that mosques should be
shut down, it should be known that Shari’ah does not oppose to that in view of the need to prevent
harm. Hence, it is incumbent upon Muslims to cooperate with them in implementing the directive.
5- We are all urged to sincerely repent to Allah and to increase seeking His forgiveness, for efficacy of
doing these in uprooting tribulation is well attested to.
6- We are also urged to strengthen our supplication to Allah, most especially in the times known for
divine intervention.
We pray Allah to put an end to this scourge and to protect us with His power, for He is Hearing and
Sensitive to prayer.
May the blessings and mercy of Allah be upon Prophet Muhammad, his household and entire companions.

           Secretary                                                                       General President
     Dr. Seydou Madibaba Sylla                                  Dr. Said Burhani Abdoullah

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