All praise is due to Allah; the one in whose possession the predestination of everything resides. May the mercy and blessing of Allah be on his messenger, Muhammed, the son of Abdullah; his household and the all Companions.

Following the resolution of Union of African Scholars, no: 18 in respect to condemnation of the terrorist attack that occurred on Sunday evening, 12 of DhulQa’dah, 1438, corresponding to 13th of August, 2017 C.E, in the city of Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso; the Union of Africa Scholars, hereby, announces the death of two good brothers in the persons of Dr. Walid Al-‘Ali, who was the Imam of the Central Mosque in Kuwait, and Shaykh Fahd Al-Husayni. The duo passed on, due to this terrorist act.

The two brothers were in Burkina Faso to organize an academic seminar as a follow up to their noble efforts in calling to the way of Allah, with wisdom and good sermon in Africa. The duo had a strong collaboration with the Union of African Scholars in Da’wahprogrammes most especially in translating and publication of (Islamic) booksinto African languages.

On behalf of the president of the Union of Africa Scholars, its members and the entire Muslim Ummah in Africa, we tender sincere condolences to the family of the two clerics; the Emir, government and citizens of Kuwait and the entire Muslim Ummah. As we also tender our condolences on the death of their two entourages in the persons of Shaykh Ahmad Tanou; a great Cleric in Burkina Faso and AbdullahJala, who is a student of knowledge studying in Kuwait.

We beseech Allah to accept them all among the martyrs; to gather them and us in the everlasting paradise; to give their families the fortitude and faith to bear the loss; and to leave behind them good for the Ummah.

            “Indeed, we are from Allah, and to him we shall certainly return.”

            May the blessing of Allah be on our Prophet, Muhammed, and his household and entire Companions.

      The General Secretary

Dr. Sa’id Muhammed Baba Sila

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