Dated 28/1/1439. A.h, corresponding to 18/10/2017
Resolution and condolence message of union of African scholars over the criminal explosion in MUGadishu capital city of Somalia
All praise is due to Allah; the Lord of the world. The mercy and blessing of Allah should be on his messenger, Muhammed bn Abdullahi; his household and entire companions.
To proceed with, Allah says in His Glorious Book:
“ Because of that, we decreed upon the children of Israel that whosever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption (done) in the land it is as if he had slain mankind” Q5:32
Also the Apostle of Allah – May the mercy and blessing of Allah be upon him says:
“The epitome of Muslims in mutual love, kindness and leniency is like that of one body of which if a part is ill, the other entire parts share in its sleeplessness and fever”
Arising from this noble verse and hadith, and in commitment to the vision of Union of African Scholars, we hereby express our pain and sadness over the criminal explosion incidence that took place in the
Mugadishu capital city of Somalia on Saturday 14th of October, 2017 which left hundreds of civilian dead and injured as victims, inclusive of woman and kids in the most horrible attack in the history of the city.
The Union of African Scholars condemns this criminal attack which complicates the hardship being experienced by the Somalian citizenry.
The Union tenders it condolence to the victims of the incidence, the Somalian citizenry and its government, beseeching the mercy of Allah for those whose lifes were terminated, and rapid recovery for the injured.
The Union urges governments, organizations and charity foundations to assist the Somalian citizenry in passing through this tragedy and to give them material and spiritual support in returning peace and stability to the contury.
We pray Allah to shower his mercy on our prophet; his household and his companions.

President                                                                        General Secretary
Dr. Saïd Bourhani                                                       Dr. Seydou Madibaba Sylla

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