The General Secretary of the Union and the Executive Director of the General Secretariat office received on Tuesday 28, 2017  the Acting Head of the Libyan embassy in Bamako at the instance of the former in a bid to clarify what is occurring in the case of African Immigrants in Libya after he came across Resolution no: 20  issued by the Union of African Scholars over the state of immigrants in Libya on 20, November, 2017. The General Secretary clarified the position of the Union as reflected in the issued resolution which is described as balanced and as pursuant to the mission of the Union.

         The Acting Head condemned (the news) circularly by the media houses pertaining to slavery; clarifying that such practices are in clear contradiction to the custom and heritage of Libyan nation which is part and parcel of Africa. He, however, pointed out that the inhumane practices being experienced by the immigrants resulted from the exploitation of some criminals and agents of human trafficking.

        He also clarified the position of the Libyan government over (championing) the campaign for resolving the roots of the case through assisting with genuine growth that will create employment in the nations from which the Immigrants trooped out .

        He also noted that the vice President of the government has opened (the file of) investigation into what was broadcast by some media houses over allegations of committing violation against the right of illegal immigrants.

        He tendered to us a copy of the statement of the Libyan ministry of foreign Affairs issued on Sunday, 19 November, 2017 on condemnation of enslavement and human trafficking and regarding it as a criminal offence in the level of crimes being perpetrated against humanity.

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