All praise is due to Allah; the Protector of the right ones. Blessing and mercy be upon the seal of messengers; his household; the entire companions; and those who followed their footstep until the Day of Resurection.

     To proceed with: on behalf of the President; all members of Union of African Scholars and the Muslim Ummah in Africa at large, we express our sincere condolence over the demise of Shaykh ‘Abdul ‘Azeez bn Salih At-Tuwayjiri who passed on subsequent upon gunfire released on him by some pagans in the villages situated along Guinea and Mali, on Tuesday , 29, Rabi’u al-Aakhir, 1439., corresponding to 16/1/2018.

       The blessed Shaykh was reputed with his philanthropic and missionary efforts in the whole Africa; and many tribes among the pagans were converted to Islam through his struggle. And to Allah praise is due!

        We tender our  condolence to the deceased’s family ; associates, admirers and the entire Muslim Ummah; praying Allah the Generous to admit him among the guided matyrs and to gather us and him in the Paradise of Comfort and to endow his family patience and faith. Indeed He is all Hearing and all Answering.

         “INDEED WE ARE FROM ALLAH AND TO HIM WE SHALL RETURN”.The mercy of Allah be on our Prophet and his household.


General Secretary

Dr. Sai’d Muhammad BabaSila.

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