The League of Muslim Missionaries in Mali held on Saturday 5/5/2018 a grand ceremony for closing the forums of local Da’wah administration, entitled : ” Roles of Imams, Missionaries and Scholars in Sustaining Harmony, Stability and National Interest “.
The themes of the forum were divided for discussion among the following eminent members of the Union : Dr Saheed Muhammad Babasila, the General Secretary of the Union of African Scholars and also the Publicity Secretary of League of Missionaries in Mali; Dr Uthman Trawuri, the Deputy President of League of Missionaries in Mali; Dr Umar Jakarta, Shaykh Hud Kuni, a member of the Union and Shaykh Abdullah Kuwaita who summarizes the main contents of the themes. Also with them was the President of the League of Missionaries in Mali, who is also a member of Membership Committee in the Union.

The forum focuses on the theme titled :” The Roles of Imams, Missionaries and Scholars in sustaining Harmony,Instability and National Interest” and was held by 4:30 at the Green Park beside the Permanent Site of Al-Furqan Foundation in Western Mali.
This forum is aimed at connecting all Da’wah administration forums approved by the League in this year so that they attain national recognition.
We pray Allah for sincerity, benefit and acceptance.

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