Committee on Verdict and Guidance

Dated : 29/8/1439H corresponding to  15/5/2018.


   Resolution on the arrival of RAMADAN month year 1439H.


        All praise is due to Allah; the Lord of the world. May the blessings and mercy (of Allah) be showered on the seal of all Prophets and Apostles of Allah; his households and the entire companions.

        To start with, the information reaching the Committee on Verdict and Guidance from members of the Union confirms that the moon of Ramadan month has been sighted on the eve of Tuesday 29 day of Sha’baan in Cotedovour (Ivory Coast), Mali and Niger.

           Based on this, Wednesday will be regarded as the first day of Ramadan for the year 1439H. The Committe on Verdict and Guidance therefore commisserates with Muslims in Africa and all over the globe on the arrival of the noble month.

          We pray Allah in His infinite mercy to accept from us all our good deeds. May Allah have mercy on our Prophet Muhammad, his households and the entire companions.


    Chairman of the Committee

     Dr.  Muhammad Ahmad Luh

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