The second general congress of the Union of African Muslim scholars held in the Sacred Makkah in the twin days of 3 4 Dhul Hijjah, 1439 corresponding to 1415 August, 2018 with the participation of 205 members cut across missionaries, Imams and academicians from 46 countries in the South Sahara Africa. They arrived Makkah courtesy of the Custodian of the two noble mosques slot for Pilgrim visitors under the tutelage of Committee for Da’wah in Africa and some others arrived through the pilgrimage boards of their various countries.

       The activities of the Congress were divided into 7 sessions :the first session featured the opening ceremony that comprised the speech of the Union president, his eminence Professor Sa‘īd Burhan Abdullahi ;the presentation of the Congress agenda by the Secretary General, Dr Sa‘īd Muhammad Babasila and the speech of the programme Co-ordinator which was delivered on his behalf by Ustadh Uthman Al Uthman, the General Secretary of Committee for Da’wah in Africa.

      The second session featured the presentation of the reports of the Unions activities and financial audit for the closing year. The fourth, fifth and sixth sessions were specified for the reports of the activities of the technical Committee (comprising the committees for primary law, five points agenda and membership affairs). The sixth session featured the presentation of the reports on the suggestions made by the three technical committees over the amendment of some clauses in the primary law, five point agenda and the names of new eligible members for the new Exco.

       The contents of most reports were adopted in the General Congress. The seventh session marked the closing ceremony and was spectated by a very large turn out. It featured the reading of communique;  the speech of the second time elected president of the Union;  the speech of the Congress Co-ordinator, his Majesty Dr Bundur Bn Salman bn Muhammad Al Saud who is also the chairman for the Committee of Da’wah in Africa;  also the speech of the Congress chairman, Professor Muhammad Ahmad Luh, followed by the remark of the Guest of Honour,Dr Abdur Rahman bn Abdul Azeez Sudays who brought the program to an end by reciting a verse of the Qur‘ān.

      It is worthy of note that the Congress has renewed the appointment of the Unions President, Professor Sa’īd Burhan Abdullahi; the Board of Trustees Chairman ,Professor Ahmad Muhammad Luh, the General Secretary,Dr Sa‘īd Muhammad Babasila and majority of the past Executive members.

      We are hopeful that the new Exco will redouble their efforts at realizing the mission of the Union in this new administrative session and which is summarily : to strengthen the effort of African Muslim scholars and uniting them to lead the Ummah according to the proper Islamic methodology by the grace of Allah.

    Have some clips of the Congress activities with sincere appreciation and compliment from the General Secretariat Office, Department of Information and Communication.

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