The Muslim World League today Wednesday in Makkah begins an international conference tagged :“Muslim Unity : Challenges of Labelling and Character Assassination” with the attendance of more than 1000 prominent scholars across 127 nations. The Emir of Makkah who is also the Senior Special Assistant to the Custodian of the Two noble Mosques, Khalid Faisal opens the event since the conference is organized under the auspice of King Salman Abdul Aziz. The General Secretary of the Muslim World League, Dr Muhammad Al-īsa remarked that the conference would be graced by more than 1000 scholars spread across academic, ideological and religious leaders drawn from 127 countries. He also reiterated that the participants would be deliberating over laying down a comprehensive strategic plans for combating the wave of sectarian dispute and grudge. Among the important matters that would be deliberated over are creating platforms for communication among the adherents of Muslim schools of thought, building the bridge of confidence, understanding and collaboration over the uniform ideals of Muslims in addition to curtailing the wave of sectarianism and extremism. Al-īsa also stressed in a broadcast that the conference would strive to unite the Muslim scholars and missionaries; reconcilliate between various thoughts and remind scholars of their responsibility towards the unity of Muslim Ummah. According to him, the conference is currently holding in Makkah—the spiritual and religious symbol for Muslims –will strive to spread the value of balancedness, strengthen the rope of brotherhood and co-operation among Muslims, and curbing the tendency of hostility and disunity. The conference will also deliberate over the shared culture with non Muslims and ways of tackling islamophobia which is a subject the Muslim World League gives much interest.
The speech of King Salman Abdul Aziz under whose auspice the conference is holding will centre on the challenges facing the Arabia and Muslim Ummah; the importance of learning the manners of disagreement that will distance the Ummah from the threat of extremist groups which have disunited the Ummah as a result of sectarianism and blind followership and thus split the blood of Muslims unregretably.
Do have some clips of the event.

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