17–7–1440/ 24–3–2019
Resolution no: 23
All praise is due to Allah; mercy and blessings be upon the Prophet of guidance and mercy; his household and entire companions. We in the Union of African Muslim Scholars have received the mournful news of the massacre that occurred in the village of Ogossogou, Mobti region in the Central Mali by gunmen on 16 Rajab 1440H corresponding with 23/3/2019 which claimed the lifes of more than 130 casualties including women, young children and elderly, and also destroyed a large number of property. We unequivocally express our frown condemnation of the dastard and ugly act with a pledge of support for the Malian people in this tragedy that has triggered the masses into shock and perplexity. The Union presses for doubled efforts at extinguishing the fire of this flaming disorder in the region where various groups of people have been co -existing peacefully for donkey centuries. The government authorities, governors, statemen, scholars and Imams should be at the forefront of stakeholders concerned with confronting this disorder. We beseech Allah to forgive, bless and accept the victims as matyrs; give their families the fortitude to bear the loss and help the citizens to extinguish the fire of this trouble so that peace and stability can return to this Muslim city. May the blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad; his household and entire companions.


     General Secretary                                                          President of the Union

Dr Seydou Madibaba Sylla                                            Dr Said Burhani Abdoullah

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