The participation of the Secretary-General, Dr. Said Mohamed Baba Sila, in the opening of a new center of the Al-Farouq Organization projects in Mali


On this day 4-2-2021, the Secretary General of the Union of African Scholars, Dr. Said Muhammad Baba Sila, participated in the inauguration of a new center for Dar Al Arqam Ibn Abi Al Arqam for the memorization of the Noble Qur’an, which was built by Al-Farouq Organization in cooperation with the Sadaqa Tash Association from the Turkish federation in Dogulakuru Lane Bamako, Mali.

Those present there are:

– Director of the Al-Farouq Organization, Sheikh Ibrahim Kuntau, and Assistant Secretary-General.

-Minister of Religious Affairs and Worship Dr. Muhammad Kony.

– Representative of the Turkish Ambassador Luqman Nagak.

– Director of Dar Al-Arqam, Sheikh Abdur-Rahman Umar Gallo.

The program concluded with prayers and the last speech was delivered by the Secretary General.

The program ended with a visit to the classes and here are some snapshots of the event.


With sincere thanks and appreciation,

the Office of the General Secretariat, Department of Media and Information.

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