The signing ceremony for the publication of the book of the Chairman, Board of Trustees and the Chairman of the Fatwa Committee of the Union of African Scholars.


The signing ceremony took place for the publication of the book of our Sheikh Professor Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Luh (Fatwas of Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Lawh) last Sunday 01/24/2021, corresponding to 11 Jumada Al Thani 1442 AH,  and Shaykh -may Allah  Almighty protect him- is  from Senegal.  Allah has assisted him to gain insight and delve into the subtleties of issues. His sheikhs have attested to his excellence. He participated in several international conferences. He graduated from the Islamic University very long time ago in the city of the Prophet. His master’s thesis was “sanctifying personalities in sufi’s belief”. It is available on the internet, and his teachers have given kudos to the thesis which is a powerful thesis that is considered a reference in this issue, and it has remained the talk of the town since he wrote it until now – may Allah  protect him from all evil – . His phD thesis entitled “The crime of  interpretative manipulation on the Islamic faith” is also available on Internet. He also wrote a book titled: “How do we restore the mosque’s role? I do not know if it is available on Internet, and other books which students gain from. Also, Allah aided him in establishing a blessed college in his country, Senegal, whose bidding continues and a few scholars have graduated from it. As for the manners of  Shaykh, the most glaring ones are patience and perseverance.


Written by Abu Talha al-Fayyad, Lutfullah, on Sunday (11) of the month of Jumada al-Thani 1442.

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