The Secretary-General participates in the closing ceremony of a training workshop aimed at exposing the Qadianis
The Secretary-General, Dr. Saeed Muhammad Baba Sila, participated in the closing ceremony of the activities of a training course aimed at exposing the evils of the Ahmadiyya Qadianis.
The programme tagged (I am the last of the Prophets, there is no Prophet after me), was organized by the Society for the Defense of the Position of the Seal of Prophecy, under the auspices of Ustaz Abdul Rahman Kony on Saturday and Sunday 09-10 October / 2021 AD in the hall of Al-Faruq Organization. A large number of Islamic figures and preachers in Mali graced the event.
Here are some pictures from the course activities
With sincere thanks and appreciation and greetings from the Office of the General Secretariat / Department of Media and Information.

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