The Secretary-General participates in the joint ceremony for the convocation of forty-two Quran memorizers.

The Secretary-General of the Union of African Scholars, Dr. Said Baba Sila and the supervisor of the Dar Asiya Center for the Memorization of the Holy Qur’an, participated in the convocation ceremony of the eighth batch of Dar Asiya Bint Mazahim and the third batch of Hafsa Bint Umar Center (the brotherhood class) under the auspices of Imam Mahmud Dikko and Sayyida Matkuni Doukuri (Badnia) at the Cultural Palace, Bamako 03/18/1443 corresponding to 10/24/2021 in Badalabogo district.
Many preachers and Quran tutors participated in the ceremony, they include:
* Dr. Ibrahim Djabi (General Secretary of the League of Preachers in Mali and a member of the Union of African Scholars
* ✓ Dr. Uthman Salih Tarawi (Vice-President of the Association of Preachers in Mali, President of the Union of Quran Centers and Schools in Mali, and a member of the Public Relations Committee in the Union Administration Office
*✓ Dr. Muhammad Al-Bashir Sila (Member of the Union)
*✓ Imam Abdullah Drami (a member of the League of Preachers in Mali).
*Professor Ahmed Doukuri, member of the Union
And Dr. Ismail Doukuri, a member of the Union.
And lots of preachers, may Allah protect them all and take care of them.
Here are some pictures of the event:

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