First Set of Graduation Ceremony for Qur’an Memorizers at Sayyidah Khadijah Centre- Kiddies Unit

With gratitude to Allah, the graduation ceremony of seven Qur’an memorizers in Sayyidah Khadijah Centre took place on Sunday 20th August, 2023 at the International Conference Centre, Bamako under the auspices of Shaykh Hud Bakare Koni.
Some of the dignitaries at the event include the Assistant General Secretary of the League of Muslim Preachers in Mali, President of Association of Qur’an Memorization Centres, Dr. Imam Abu Salih, Uthman Turawe who is a member of the Union’s Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Shaykh Ya’qub Sibi, Shaykh Muhammad Kuni, Mrs Layla Taori and Dr. Umar Bamba the Executive Director of the Union of African Muslim Scholars. Others include prominent Muslim preachers, Imams and civil servants.
Do have some snaps from the event, with appreciation and compliment from the Secretariat office, Information and Media Unit.

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