Resolution N° 30 Dated 5th Safar, 1445 A.H, corresponding with 22nd August, 2023 C.E.
Resolution of the Union of African Muslim Scholars on the Military Coup Crisis in the Republic of Niger

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. We seek Allah’s increasing mercy and blessing for His trust-worthy Apostle, the one raised as a blessing to humanity; as well as his household and entire companions.

The Union of African Muslim Scholars followed with keen interest the crisis that followed the overthrow of President Muhammadu Bazoum of Niger, which resulted in severe measures imposed on Niger as well as military intervention – if peaceful resolution fails – to restore the mandate of the embattled President by the duo of Economic Organisation of West Africa (ECOWAS) and West African Economic and Monetary Union. Conflicting positions taken by different countries in the region have since followed the decisions of the ECOWAS.

It is because of the anticipated serious repercussions of this crisis on Niger, and even on other countries in the region known for its deteriorating security and living conditions that the Union of African Muslim Scholars, with its members spread across 47 African countries (sub-Saharan), issues this statement after a deep study of the situation based on its missions, visions and goals. The resolution is summarized in the following points:

1. The Union expresses its solidarity with the Nigerine people in this crisis, and enjoins the people of Niger to unite in a bid to overcoming this tribulation;

2. The Union calls for redoubling of efforts towards the actualization of peaceful solution between the junta in Niger and members of ECOWAS, such that will lead to swift lifting of sanctions and sparing the country and region the scourge of war that will have serious consequences on the already deteriorating security situation bequeathed by the activities of active terrorist groups in the region;

3. The Union expresses its support for the mediation initiative embarked upon by some Muslim scholars in the neighbouring Nigeria, and appreciates the initiators and all individuals contributing or who shall contribute to the peaceful termination of the crisis;

4. The Union cautions stakeholders from the consequences of accepting the intervention of foreign nations outside the region due to a strong probability of exploiting the crisis to turning the region into a bitter battleground based on pursuing sinister interest, with the innocent citizens being the major casualties; and

5. Finally, the Union calls on the entire Muslims in Africa and abroad to pray for the people of Niger to overcome this trial in a not distant time, and with a less damage.

May the mercy and blessing of Allah be on our Prophet, Muhammad, his household and entire companions.

     General Secretary                            President
Dr. Seydou Madibaba Sylla      Dr. Said Burhani Abdoullah



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